Rodmaking Materials.

Fuji Polyester Wrapping Threads 100m spools
Sizes A and D. @
 £4.00 each
Made in Japan

        013                              014                          005                            007                          008                     004    
Lemon Yellow              Golden Rod             Scarlet                     Garnet              Dark Blue       Medium green


       003                            901                           011                                                                    012                            001
 Dark Green          Gold metallic           Chestnut                                                        Dark Brown           Black.

Gudebrod Threads are no longer available from the manufacture. We have the following Nylon and Silk threads to clear:

Size A 100 yds spools @ £2.76 each.
0246 Dark Blue 5 spools available.

NCP Size A. 950 yds spools. @ £8.14 each.
0541 Medium brown. 4 spools.
5896 Dark green 7 spools.

Size D.  100 yds spools. @ £2.30 each 
0541 Medium Brown  11 spools available.

Size D.  450 yds Spools. @ £6.07 each.
0541 Medium Brown 4 spools available.

Gudebrod Silks, size 00. 100 yds spools. @ £3.43 each.
2619 Dark Brown. 3 spools available.

Available in Sizes:
A=Dia. .006 (.152) for intermediate wrappings and fly rod guides .
D=Dia. .012 (.305) for larger guides on rods such as carp and Avon.

100 yds. Spools @ £2.30  Vat inclusive £2.76 each

950 yds Size A. Pro Spools @ £6.92 each.
450 yds Sze D. Pro Spools @ £7.28 each

Wrapping Thread.
Non-stretch binding thread for the bamboo rodmaker
2500m spool size 025.

Code          Price.             
WT025         £20.14


Tonkin Culms

Bamboo Broker Tonkin Culms.
 These culms have been specially selected for rod-making and packed in China  by Andy Royer. With a minimum of natural marks. guaranteed no burn or farmers marks. For full details See:

Available sizes.
*Andy Royer Tonkin
Standard bales 12′ x 10 pieces 50-62mm diameter
 12′ x 10 pieces 50-62mm   price per bale £187.00     £225.00 inc. Vat.

*Andy Royer Tonkin Extra large Culms 12′ x 8 pieces 62- 65mm. These bales are recommended for both Rod and Bow-making.
12′ x 8 pieces XL 62-65mm   price per bales £158.00.  £189.60 inc. Vat.

*Andy Royer Tonkin 
Small bales 6’ x 8 culms 50-62mm
For the rod maker only requiring a small quantity, these bales are ideal.
8 x 6ft culms per bale. 

Code. AR68  6′x 8 piece 50-62mm price per bale £89.10   £106.92 inc Vat.
* Sorry we are now out of stock of all items marked * until further notice.

*2nd Grade Tonkin Culms.
We have available 2nd grade Tonkin Culms, These poles have cosmetic marks but are ideal  for Dark flamed blanks. Heavy fibre walls. Available in 13′, 12′ and 6′ lengths. 50-62mm.

* Sorry we are now out of stock of all items marked * until further notice.

Cork Sections 

Flor Grade Cork Shives.
The best available. 1-1/4″ x 1/2″ x 6mm bore.

Code.      Price.
FGCS      £1.22 each.

Super Grade cork shives no bore.
1-1/4″ x 1/2″ no bore
CSMW      £0.60 each 

Preformed Fly rod handles 
Hardy style grip.
175mm x 29mm x 6mm bore.
Code       price       
CHHS     £7.92

Full Wells Style Grip.
190mm x 30mm 6mm bore.
Code            Price.
CHFW         £7.92

Flared Cork  2″ x 15/16″x 14mm bored
A grade cork.  Price
Code CH2            £2.31 each 


Parallel Cork section.  A Grade Cork.
Code                                                             Price.
CH5                5″ x 1″ x 17mm Bored         £3.66

Code                                                              Price
CH8       8″ x 15/16″ x 16mm bored        £7.70 each.

Cork shives B Grade
1″ x 1-1/2″ x 3/8″ bored.
Code          Price.
CSBG         £0.24 each.



Slide Bands.
Code SB78
7/8″ Alloy Slide Bands
Price  per set of two £6.00.



Alloy Butt Caps.
Code BC78
7/8″ Tapered butt cap.
Threaded to take 3/8″ Screw-in rubber buttons.
Price £4.90 each.


Black rubber buttons.
3/8″ Thread.
Code: RB/ Size          Price
1″                                   £2.42       each.
1-1/4″                           £2.71        each.


REC Nickel Silver Hexagon Winding Checks.
Code NSHEX/size

Sizes         Flat to Flat
16/64″            0.250 

17/64″            0.265
18/64″           0.281

19/64″         0.296
20/64″          0.312
21/64″           0.328
22/64″          0.344
23/64″          0.359
24/64″         0.375
25/64″         0.390

Price £8.94 all sizes.


Glues and Finishing products.

Aerolite UP4145.  1 kg pack.
One-Shot Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder Glue.
Pre-catslyesed resin provides a gap-filling, water resistant adhesive. Use for laminating bamboo strips and building cork handles.

Mix Aerolite UP 4145 powder resin with water as follows:           Parts by weight          Parts by volume.
Aerolite 4145             2                                         3.5
Water                           1                                          1.0

Use a dry container, preferably non-metallic, and add water to the powder gradually, stirring to ensure the powder is evenly dispersed. Continue to stir until the solution is free from lumps. The adhesive is then ready for use. To ensure that consistent glue mixes with the correct properties are obtained , mixing by weight is strongly recommended. Addition of too much water will seriously reduce the rate of setting, particularly at lower temperatures.

Pot Life
Temperature of mixture            10°C          15°C         20°C         25°C          30°C            35°C
Pot- Life                                            2 h              1.5 h         1 h          40 min      30 min        20 min

Aerolite UP4145    1 Kg.
Price £14.36



G8 Flex Coat. Rod Builders’ Epoxy Glue 8 fl oz. Price £33.68
Suitable for:
• Cork rings.
• Reel Seats
• Rod Handles.
• Ferrules.
• Butt caps.

Q8 Flex Coat 5 min Epoxy glue 8 fl oz. Price £35.60
Q4 Flex Coat 5 min Epoxy glue 4 fl oz. Price £25.02



F8 Flex Coat. Rod Wrapping finish 8 fl.oz.
For a high build finish in just one coat.
Should be used with Flex Coat motorised
rod turners.
Price £36.57.





C1 Flex Coat Thread Sealer 1fl oz. £3.18
C4 Flex Coat Thread Sealer 4fl oz. £6.74
A professional acrylic preserver and sealer to be used on thread wrapping before applying wrap finish.
A strong non yellowing colour preserver provides good penetration and colour retention. Non toxic formula cleans up quickly with water.

F1K  Flex-Coat Standard Build.
F1KL  Flex-Coat Lite Build.
Loaded Syringe Kit.
• 1 -12cc Syringe with Part A, Resin.
• 1-12cc Syringe with Part B, Hardner.
• 4 Finishing Brushes.
• 4 mixing Cups.
• 4 Mixing Sticks.
• Enough finish to complete four average rods.
F1K Price £18.28.
F1KL Price £19.25.


Mixing cups.                                                              






Graduated mixing cups. Ideal for                                 
consistent mixing of bushing varnishes                     
and Flex-coat.  Pack of 20.
Code             Price
C100            £1.20

B85L  Nylon Varnish Brushes
Code                   Price

B85L/1/8″  Blue    £0.43 each.
B85/1/4″ Yellow   £0.43 each.


Brass Black Bronzing Solution.
Brass black Bronzing solution for a traditional finish. Brass Black will bronze both brass and nickel ferrules and fittings.

Due to the corrosive nature of this material, we are unable to send Brass Black via Royal Mail. However we can send Brass Black by Next-Day courier.
at a cost of £12.97 inclusive of Vat.


Code Description Price  
BC/BB/3oz Birchwood Brass Black £9.09 Sorry out of stock.  

REC Rod Tubes.

REC Rod Tubes 1-5/8″ diameter for 2 piece fly rods.
Any lengths made-up for 2 piece fly rods between 6’-8’.
price all sizes £38.80.

Chapman heavy duty rod bags. 

Bags currently available in Khaki.

“Chapman 500” 3 piece Avon.
“Chapman 550″ 3 piece Carp.
” Chapman” 8′ 6″ 2 piece fly rod bags

Bags currently available in Green.

” Chapman Fred J Taylor”  12′ 6″ 3 piece.
“Chapman 10′ 2 piece Carp or Avon bags
with or without Chapman labels.
Price           Vat inclusive all bags
£23.43 each.
Sorry we are now out of stock of bags until further notice.